5th December, 2020

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New mobile phone laws mean that it will be illegal to use a mobile phone at all while driving

New Mobile Phone Laws mean that it will be Illegal to Pick up your Phone while Driving

The government has unveiled plans to close an outdated loophole when it comes to using your mobile phone while driving. Currently, you can only be banned for making calls or texting while in charge of a motor vehicle. This means that it is not currently an offence to take a photo, play a game or […]


What to check for BEFORE buying a used car

Buying a used car could save you a fortune over the equivalent brand new model, but there are risks involved too. A huge amount of attention, frankly, needs to be taken to ensure you make the right purchase and aren’t sold something that could come back to haunt you. RallyBRC’s definitive guide offers all the […]

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The Arguments against Electric Cars

Electric cars are widely thought to be more environmentally friendly, as they pollute the atmosphere less due to not burning any fossil fuels, and of course contribute far less to greenhouse has emissions. For the crowded urban areas that are suffocated by exhaust fumes, electric cars definitely are the cleaner option. However electric cars are […]


Best Supercars for 2019

We all have our hobbies. Some of us like to do gardening, and others DIY around the house. For those of you out there who collect supercars, if you’re looing to add to your collection this year, then here’s a list of the best ones to by for 2019.     McLaren 720S No supercar […]


Alarming Number of People Admit to using Mobile Phone while Driving

A recent study has revealed that almost three fifths of 18 to 24 year olds still regularly using their mobile phone while behind the wheel. The study from GoCompare showed that 58% of young drivers admitted to committing the offence, despite the harsher mobile phone penalties being introduced less than two years ago.   Risking […]

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British Car Brands that aren’t actually British

Over the next few years, the car manufacturing industry is set to produce more cars than ever before. Britain pioneered the car industry and it seems that other countries across the globe can’t get enough of our cars. The problem is though, that most of the British cars you see on the road today aren’t […]

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UK Number Plate Crime on the Rise

According to a recent Freedom of Information request, illegal number plate crime is on the rise in the UK. Between 2016 and 2017 there was an 18% increase in the number of drivers fined for having an illegal number plate, with 7,876 and 9,031 dodgy plates being detected respectively. Worryingly, a recent poll by Halfords […]