23 May 2024

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Car accident scene

If you’re involved in a car accident then it’s important that you act quickly. The moments that occur after a crash can have a direct impact on at least one aspect of your life in the future. If you’re unfortunate enough to be involved in a car accident then follow the advice in the below steps to improve your chances.

Check for damage

As soon as you’re able to do so, check yourself for damage. Are you bleeding or do you have any painful bruises? Are you feeling dizzy or do you have a headache?

Once you have assessed yourself, assess any other occupants of your vehicle. If there are any other vehicles involved in the accident, approach them and ask if any drivers of passengers have been injured. If there is an injury, call an ambulance.


Call the police

Even if nobody is injured, if you are involved in an accident then you should call the police. Even if the accident is not particularly serious it’s a good idea to contact the police as police report can then be used to determine fault, which will be useful information for your insurance company.


Collect information

As you’re waiting for the police to arrive, do some investigating of your own. Obtain the contact information of the other drivers and their passengers. Also ask for contact information from any witnesses. Also note the registration numbers of any other vehicles involved in the crash. The polic should obtain this information themselves, but it won’t hurt to get it yourself just in case for any reason they do not.


Seek medical attention

Even if you’re not obviously and seriously injured, it’s a good idea to seek medical attention after being involved in a car accident. You don’t necessarily need to get in an ambulance to get to hospital, but it’s a good idea to book an appointment with your doctor to get a checkup.

Unfortunately, some accident victims don’t know they have been injured until it is too late.


Contact a solicitor

It’s important to make contact with your insurance company after a car accident, but it’s also a good idea to seek legal advice in some cases. An experienced solicitor or claims management company will advise you on how to deal with the insurance company, and ensure that you receive a fair settlement from them.

A claims management company will also help you get the compensation that you may be entitled to if you are physically or mentally injured as a result of the accident.


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