25 April 2024

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How to de-ice your Car properly

When the mornings start to get frosty, everything freezes over. Your car’s windscreen is no exception to this rule. Different people have different ways of tackling the problem. Some people will reach for their kettle, others will use their Tesco Clubcard to try and scrape the windscreen. However both of these methods could cause damage to your windscreen. And if you don’t effectively clear your windscreen then you could face a fine. We’re talking to you, if you regularly have to drive using a small porthole on the driver’s side when it’s icy outside.

Fortunately it’s cheap and easy to keep your windscreen frost-free. You can do it with items you’ll probably have lying around the house. Which means that you will be able to avoid reaching for your frozen credit card to pay a fine at the roadside.


Why does your Car’s Windscreen Ice up?

When the temperature outside becomes freezing, water vapour in the air gets cold and freezes. This is what causes frost and ice.

However when it comes to your car’s windscreen, the temperatures don’t have to reach freezing before your windscreen needs scraping. The glass on your car’s windows can freeze a lot quicker than the other surfaces on your car. Just like water vapour will turn to condensation when it hits your windows, it can also turn to frost if it’s cold enough outside.


How to Easily De-ice your Car

  • Switch on your car’s ignition and turn up the heat. Make sure your blowers are on full power, and point them all at your windscreen and windows. If you have a heated windscreen function, then switch this on too. If you have air conditioning, switch this on too in order to keep the air inside the car dry.
  • Use de-icer and an ice scraper. A can of de-icer is always a handy thing to keep in the car during the colder months. If you’ve run out, you can make your own using water and salt, water and vinegar or water and alcohol. Spray the de-icer on, then get the scraper out. Depending on your car you may have to scrape some ice off the inside of your windscreen. Due to the fact that the glass is curved it can be quite tricky so it’s best to use de-icer here.
  • Get rid of any condensation. By having hot air blowing on a cold windscreen, condensation may occur. This is also a driving hazard, so refer to this article for tips on how to clear that quickly as well.

De-icing Techniques that you should Avoid

  • Using any object other than a specially designed ice-scraper could scratch your windscreen
  • Avoid clearing a small porthole, as this can lead to a £60 fine for driving with limited vision
  • Do not use boiling water either, as this can crack the windscreen which won’t be a cheap fix
  • Also remember not to leave your car with the engine running, as leaving an engine running on idle cost you a £20 fine.


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