25 April 2024

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DIY oil change

DIY Oil Change Tips

An important part of being a car owner is maintaining it to a good standard. If you don’t maintain your car correctly, then you will find yourself with an unreliable car which will eventually cost you a considerable amount in repair bills. Or worse still you may even need to completely replace it. Maintaining your […]

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Reminder to Check your Tyres

When it comes to tyres, they are the most important part of the car to help you stay on the road. Choosing the wrong tyres for your vehicle could put both yourself and other road users in danger. When the time comes to change your tyres, pick high quality ones and you will be confident […]

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Upgrading the Family Car

Upgrading the Family Car

The family car is an important part of everyone’s life at home. Many magical and unforgettable moments happen in the family wagon, whether you’re on a long road trip or just doing the school run. It’s an important asset during this stage in your life, so there’s no wonder that many people get very attached […]

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Essential Summer Car Checks

Time passes fast, and summer has rolled around again. With life being so busy, it’s very easy to forget about the important maintenance that your car needs to stay in excellent working condition. This quick guide will cover some of the most important things that you should be checking now that the sun is shining. […]

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Car Expenses that you shouldn’t Scrimp on

When it comes to owning a car, you are literally bombarded with various different expenses form the moment you begin to own one. The first cost you will encounter is the initial cost to buy the car. Depending on the age and type of car you buy this can range anywhere between £500 and £30,000 […]

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Prepping your car for a Long Journey

Standard checks and maintenance is something that every car owner should be doing on a regular basis. There are of course more specialist and complicated tasks that need to be completed by professionals, however there is still plenty that you can do yourself. Since the weather is warming up and it’s the right time of […]

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Spring Car Maintenance

After a long, dark and wet winter, spring is finally upon us.  With more daylight, sun and slowly climbing temperatures comes a new strategy for looking after your car. Here are some of the spring maintenance activities you can do to keep your car running smoothly for the next few months leading into summer. Wash […]

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How to Make your Car Last Longer

Apart from our home, the most expensive thing that we’re likely to own is our car. Not only in terms of the initial cost, but also the ongoing maintenance costs. It therefore makes sense to treat your car like an asset by keeping it running optimally. The better you maintain your car the longer it […]

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Recommended Tyres for your New Car

It’s only when tyres wear our and begin to fail that most people begin to realise the importance of them. The tyres are the only part of your car that are actually in contact with the ground, and they carry the entire combined weight of you, your car and anything or anyone else inside it. […]

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