23 May 2022

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After a long, dark and wet winter, spring is finally upon us.  With more daylight, sun and slowly climbing temperatures comes a new strategy for looking after your car. Here are some of the spring maintenance activities you can do to keep your car running smoothly for the next few months leading into summer.

Wash and wax

Once winter is over, it’s a great idea to give your car a good and thorough wash and wax. Winter driving takes it’s toll on your car’s paint and body work. All of the grime, debris and salt has been building up on your car over the colder months, so it’s time to get it all off to protect your car from the dreaded tin worm.


Clean the inside

Nobody wants to be outside cleaning the interior of their car during a cold, winter day. So the chances are that your car has been a bit neglected inside over the last few months. Spring is the time for spring cleaning, so spend some time getting your car in tip top shape inside. Remove and throw away any papers, rubbish or any other items that have accumulated over the last few months. Not only will you have a nice clean car, but the time of year means it’s more comfortable to go outside so you can treat your car to a vacuum at the same time.


Check tyre pressures

Tyre pressure is very important throughout the year, but even more so during the spring. Cool air temperatures during the winter naturally decrease the pressure of your tyres. This my have meant that you had to pump them up once or twice during winter. As the weather improves and temperatures begin to climb, the tyre pressure can increase. This means they can exceed the manufacturers recommended pressure, which can cause problems. For the sake of spending a few minutes checking, you can save yourself a big bill or even a serious accident in the future. If you’re not sure what you’re doing when it comes to checking your tyres, then visit your local friendly mechanic who will be more than happy to help you.


Inspect wiper blades

The build up of ice coupled with the fact that your wipers are more or less on constantly throughout the winter means that your wiper blades will have suffered from significant wear. There’s plenty more rain to come during spring, so check your wiper blades for evidence of cracking or other wear, and replace them as necessary. That way you’ll have plenty of visibility to see you through until next winter.


Check under the bonnet

Have a thorough check under the bonnet so make sure that your car’s engine has madeit through the winter without any problems. Check that any exposed belts and hoses are not brittle or worn. Check that your coolant is not too old, which will be important as the ambient temperatures begin to climb. If you’re not sure what you’re doing again consult a mechanic. The cost of an hour’s labour is well worth the peace of mind that your car’s going to be performing well during the spring and summer.


Check wheel alignment and suspension

Winter is harsh on the roads, which in turn are harsh on your vehicle. If you’ve driven over a fair few potholes or other debris over the last few months, then check that it hasn’t interfered with your car’s suspension or alignment. Check your car sits level and that there is no fluid leaking from the shock absorbers. Make sure wheels camber to the correct angle, and that they don’t wobble when driving.

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