25 April 2024

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How to de-ice your Car properly

How to De-ice your Car Properly

When the mornings start to get frosty, everything freezes over. Your car’s windscreen is no exception to this rule. Different people have different ways of tackling the problem. Some people will reach for their kettle, others will use their Tesco Clubcard to try and scrape the windscreen. However both of these methods could cause damage […]

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How to Demist your Windscreen

How to De-mist your Windscreen Properly

If the temperature inside of your car is different to the temperature outside, then condensation will appear. When warm air from inside your car meets the cold windscreen, water vapour in the air turns into water. This causes your windscreen to fog over and restrict your vision. The number of different heat settings your car […]

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How to load your car safely

How to Load your Car Safely

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going on holiday, visiting a DIY shop or taking a student to university, getting everything packed into your car can be difficult. Especially if you have a small hatchback. If you’ve every tried to take a mattress to the tip then you will understand just how difficult it can be […]

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How to get Rid of an Old Banger

In the UK, cars are regarded as material items. This means that regardless of how much they cost when they were new, every car eventually gets old and becomes a banger. If you have an old car that is clearly approaching its final days, then how should you go about getting rid of it? There […]

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How to Change your Brake Pads

When it comes to DIY maintenance for your car, changing your own brake pads is one of the easiest ways to save yourself some money. Most main dealers and car garages charge expensive labour rates, and so something as simple as changing your brake pads can set you back hundreds of pounds if you pay […]

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