26 February 2024

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Upgrading the Family Car

The family car is an important part of everyone’s life at home. Many magical and unforgettable moments happen in the family wagon, whether you’re on a long road trip or just doing the school run. It’s an important asset during this stage in your life, so there’s no wonder that many people get very attached to it. However the time may eventually come to trade it in for a newer model. In some cases it can become uncomfortable, a money pit or generally no longer fit for purpose. A good family car needs to suit the needs of your entire family, so here are some of the best times to upgrade yours.


After moving House

If you’ve moved up the road or to a similar house, then changing the car isn’t necessary. Many people choose to trade theirs in for a new one at this time though, as moving to a new house represents a fresh start, and your tastes and preferences when it comes to the car may change as well.

If you’re moving to somewhere that’s quite different to your previous address, then a different car may be a necessity. For example if you’re moving from an urban area to a rural one, you may need a car with a bit more power. Moving is a stressful experience so you may not even consider adding to the drama buy buying a new car now, but in the end you may be glad that you did.


When the Family gets too Big

As the years pass by, your family may increase in size in two ways. As well as growing in numbers, your family members may also grow in size. When this is the case a five seater saloon may not be the most convenient of cars, so you will need something a bit more practical.

When it comes to a growing family, you need a car with more seats. With the extra seats automatically comes more legroom and boot space for all of the associated accessories that come with having a family. You can then spend some time looking for any other features that you may want your car to have. If you have older children, then USB sockets in the back are a godsend these days.

If you’re family is aging and your children are no longer children, then it may make sense to downsize. This is when other aspects of car design may take a priority. After all, you’ve probably wanted that sporty convertible for years now.


When it becomes a Money Pit

Wear, tear and faults are an inevitable part of car ownership – especially when you have been racking up the miles. While the odd repair is normal, if your car begins to go wrong on a regular basis then it may be time to consider upgrading. As attached as you may be to the family car, it’s no longer fit for purpose if it’s a game of chance every time you try and start the car up. One of the key features of a good family car is that it’s reliable, so if your car ceases to be reliable it’s probably time to part ways. It’s often a fine line between being worth spending the extra money on car repairs, and trading the car in for something a bit newer. As a general rule though, if you start to have more than one major fault within a 12 month period, it could be a sign of your car’s demise and keeping it much longer may mean that it turns out to be a money pit. If you’re attached to your car that much, consider upgrading to a newer model of the same car.


So whether it’s for financial reasons, practicality of just self-image, driving a car that makes you feel safe and happy truly enhances the joys of motoring. If your family car is getting a bit outdated and has stopped providing such magic, then it might be time to chop it in for something that does. After all, cars aren’t built like they used to be and are often considered as disposable items.

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