26 February 2024

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Buying a used car could save you a fortune over the equivalent brand new model, but there are risks involved too. A huge amount of attention, frankly, needs to be taken to ensure you make the right purchase and aren’t sold something that could come back to haunt you.

RallyBRC’s definitive guide offers all the help you need to help you buy with confidence and get the right deal too. The following advice will cover every step of the car-buying journey from choosing where to buy from to what to check when you view the car to how to handle negotiations and your buyer’s rights.


Buying from a dealer, independent garage or driveway trader

If you’re nervous about buying a secondhand car, a dealer or trader is an easier place to start as buying privately often requires more car knowledge.

Initially, lets comprehend what the idea of a dealer implies, as it can differ drastically. A broker is characterised as an individual representing purposes identifying with that individual’s exchange, business, specialty or calling, which means they can extend from a solitary individual purchasing and selling autos on their garage, to a diversified seller selling new and about new vehicles.

The difference between these traders is the level of preparation and aftersales support you will get and also the cost you will have to pay for these premiums – the bigger the business, the more resource they have, but also the more overheads they have to pay too, which will bump up your costs. Franchised dealers are at the largest end of the spectrum, with one-man-band driveway traders at the other and usually independent garages sitting somewhere in the middle.

Ordering a car check

There are many websites today that offer HPI checks on cars. And RallyBRC heartily recommends you order one – if you don’t, then you risk financial risks including being forced to hand the car back and not getting your money refunded. Around 25% of all cars on the used car market at any time have a dodgy history. RallyBRC recommends you use FreeCarCheck.co.uk or the original HPI check service HPI.com here which is priced at £20 for a basic check – quite pricey. In many cases, it’s possible to order a free data report instantly online and for half this price such as from FreeCarCheck listed above.

Things to think about

A main dealer or garage is probably going to possess place a second hand automotive through a rigorous examination and provide an honest warrant (usually six or twelve months).

While this can come back at a value – increasing the outright value of shopping for the automotive – it can give you valuable peace of mind in knowing the automotive has been completely confirmed and is roofed by a guaranty.

Buying from a private road merchandiser may prevent these to a higher place front prices, however might convince be a false economy because the automotive may find yourself cost accounting you a lot of in repairs – it’s doubtless this person has done very little over provide the automotive a fast wash when selecting it up from auction, remember. While all traders de jure got to adjust to the patron Rights Act – that means you’ll be entitled to a repair, replacement or refund if the vehicle is deemed not ‘fit for purpose’ or ‘of satisfactory quality’ – performing on this might convince be a headache if the vendor is unscrupulous. You may got to act quick as your right to reject the vehicle and claim a full refund attributable to a fault is typically restricted to the primary thirty days and what you’re entitled to varies following the expiration of this date.

It is additionally price noting that beneath the provisions of the Road Traffic Act 1988, not a soul will sell a motorized vehicle or trailer in Associate in Nursing unroadworthy condition, you’ll scan a lot of that in our buyer’s rights section.


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