26 February 2024

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Lamborghini Urus SUV

Sports Utility Vehicles (otherwise known as SUVs) are quickly becoming the fastest-selling car type on the UK market. In the past, it was the saloon that was the most popular between normal families. However, the recent changes in modern lifestyle coupled with the much larger amounts of credit available to ordinary people, more and more motorists are choosing to upgrade to an SUV. There are a number of reasons why these larger vehicles are becoming so popular.

Better Fuel Efficiency

SUVs have been around for quite a while, but until quite recently they have always been notorious for being fuel guzzlers. This meant that ownership was restricted to those who could afford to keep them topped up with petrol. Nowadays cars are a lot more efficient than they used to be, due to the considerable efforts that car manufacturers have been putting into improving fuel economy. SUVS now use a lot less fuel to get you a lot farther, which saves you money at the pump. This has widened the market of people who can afford to run an SUV.

More Seats

Some of the larger SUV models on the market today have seven seats. This is a very attractive feature to large families who need to travel by car a lot. Most seven seaters have a row that can seat three behind the driver, as well as an additional two seats behind this row. Add this to the passenger seat at the front and it can be an absolute godsend for families with many children, or older relatives that they wish to drive around with them.

More Space

When it comes to storage, SUVs are hard to beat when compared to estates, saloons and of course hatchbacks. As well as a vast amount of boot space for large bulky items such as prams and pushchairs, SUVs also tend to have cleverly-designed seats that are able to fold down and increase storage space when needed. The majority of SUVs on the market today have the interior space to fit a double mattress inside. Add a set of roof racks and you’re looking at some serious carrying capacity for a car.

Ride Height and Control

SUVs are taller than other types of cars, which in turn increases the ride height. This makes them a popular choice for people who don’t feel safe in smaller or lower cars. The increased ride height increases many people’s confidence behind the wheel, as they feel more in control. Couple this with the ample safety features that come with modern cars as standard, and you can clearly see why people like to choose SUVs to carry their children around.

Aesthetics and Pride

Although this won’t apply to everyone, there is a somewhat sense of pride that can be felt when you own a nice-looking car that has a lot of great, modern features. Many people purchase SUVs strictly for their practicality, but with the more premium manufacturers making their own SUVs, many people choose them for the looks and reputation as well.

When it comes to SUVs there are many reasons why people choose them over more conventional types of cars. If you need a lot of space to carry items, or you have a large family then an SUV is a no-brainer. With improving fuel-efficiency technology they are also getting cheaper to run, which makes them a whole lot more practical. This makes it worth the higher initial purchase price for many people.

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