26 February 2024

Driven by Passion...

Many of us have the dream of owning a supercar. While the perks of having one are obvious, there are also some disadvantages that people often don’t consider when they daydream about luxury cars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis and McLarens. Here are some that we’ve managed to come up with.

They cost a Fortune

When it comes to owning a supercar, one of the first challenges that you will be faced with is buying it in the first place. Supercars are eye-wateringly expensive, and the money doesn’t stop haemorrhaging once you’ve purchased it. Ongoing costs such as maintenance and repair costs ca also add up.

In addition to maintenance you will also need insurance to be able to drive your supercar legally on UK roads. Supercars are high-risk items that are worth a lot of money so they will never be cheap to insure. Your petrol costs will also be high, as the average supercar isn’t known for it’s economy. Then there’s the cost of keeping it clean and polished…

Unwanted Attention

You might have just bought your supercar because you appreciate the craftmanship and it’s been a dream for your entire life. But did you ever consider the unwanted attention that you might be getting for owing one?

Wherever you go, people will be looking at you. At first this might be great, but it will soon get annoying. You are also never going to be able to park anywhere without being asked questions by random people, and people taking photos of it. It’s something that you will have to deal with whenever you take your car out, so consider this before you buy one.


Owning expensive objects is risky. Supercars are worth a lot of money, and are therefore desirable to a lot of people. There is a high chance that your supercar could be stolen.

So you need to store it somewhere safe and secure, which usually comes with it’s own costs. You also need to be able to store it without it getting damaged, as just the smallest blemish will cost a small fortune to rectify.

Speed Limits

Supercars are capable of reaching racing car speeds, but unfortunately the speed limit is the same for supercars as it is for all other cars. By owning a supercar you’re more likely to get caught for speeding, which can cost thousands in fines and court fees if it happens persistently. You could even lose your driving license. If you want to drive your supercar quickly, then head out onto the track.

Track Days

One way to get the most from your supercar is to take it to a track day. However just doing this will set you back a lot of money. As well as the initial fee charged by the track, you will also have to pay to have your car prepared for the track. Driving on a track is completely different to driving on the roads, so your car needs to undergo the necessary preparations.

When you drive a car on the track it works a lot harder than it does when you drive to Sainsbury’s Therefore you can expect to burn through tyres and brakes considerably quicker than normal. Couple this with the fact that a single tyre for some supercars can cost as much as £800 and you’ll soon see why supercars are toys for the super rich.

Owning a supercar definitely sounds like fun, but with all the extra expense that follows after the initial purchase it could quickly cause a headache and spoil the dream. So for now I think I will just stick with my trusty Honda Jazz.

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