26 February 2024

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Vinyl car Wrap

Today, wrapping cars is more popular than ever before. It used to be something that people only did to exotic cars such as Maybachs and Lamborghinis. However, nowadays you can have it done to virtually any car, and there are hundreds of companies across the UK who will be willing to wrap your car for you. Here are five advantages of having your car wrapped.



One of the advantages of wrapping your car is that it protects the paintwork. The vinyl that is stuck over the car acts as a barrier and prevents the paint from scratches, abrasions, stone chips and even fading from the UV light emitted from the sun.



Another reason for wrapping your car is that it costs considerably less that painting it. The price of a full paint job can vary between £5,000 and £15,000. This is a lot of money, and having a wrap applied to your vehicle’s bodywork panels will cost considerably less than this. Not only that, but vinyl wrap is easier to repair than paint, and it can be removed at any time.



If you’ve ever had a car professionally painted, then you will have at least some idea of how long this process can take. A full respray of a car can often take more than two weeks. Even if it’s just a single panel, you can expect it to be a few days before the correct finish is achieved and the car is ready to go again. This is because of the amount of work and processes involved in painting a car. It’s not just a case of applying the paint, you also need to prepare each panel by sanding it, cleaning it and then of course adding primer. This is followed by several thin coats of paint. When it comes to vinyl wrapping, none of that is necessary. Although it’s quite tricky and skill is needed to apply it, vinyl wrap simply sticks on , which takes a lot less time.



Many people think that a custom paint job will add value to their car, when in fact the exact opposite is true. People want original, factory colours when it comes to cars so if you’re looking to preserve the value of your vehicle as much as possible then you need to do something that will protect this original paintwork. This is why vinyl is so useful, as it preserves the original paint underneath while giving your car a unique custom look on surface at the same time.



One of the biggest advantages of wrapping your car, is that due to the fact that it costs a lot less than paining it, it’s a lot easier to customise colours and designs. This is particularly useful if you own a business and want to advertise on your car or van. Wrapping your vehicle is an affordable way to brand it, so that hundreds of people are exposed to it on a daily basis. And because it’s easy to remove, it’s not difficult to modify the design afterwards, or completely remove it and apply a new one if you buy a new work vehicle.


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