26 February 2024

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How to fall in love with your car again

Cars are a great thing to have. They give us independence and allow us to get to where we want to be without the inconvenience of public transport. Whether you use your car for errands, the work commute, fun or all three there will be times when you may lose a bit of the love. Fortunately, there are a few ways to reignite the spark between you and your motor. It’s well worth reading on as it may well save you an unnecessary car purchase.


Get it valeted

Whether you prefer to do it yourself or get the professionals in, give your car some love and it will be returned. Start by getting inside and giving it a good clean. After you’ve done that, treat the car to a proper wash, wax and polish. When your car is looking it’s best you will be reminded as to why you fell in love with it in the first place. If you’ve got the money, get a mobile detailer to come to your home or work and give your car a good once over.


Buy a gift

Sometimes you have to treat yourself or your car to rekindle the old feelings. Something as simple as buying a new air freshener can make your car smell nice again, which is something that will make you like it more than you currently do. Another inexpensive way to get the most out of your car’s interior is to replace those shabby floor mats with some new ones. They’re quite affordable now, even custom-made ones that will really add an air of quality to your car’s interior.


Improve the wheels

If you have a bit more money, then improving your wheels can make your car look better. You don’t need to go mad and purchase some 22 inch chrome spinning wheels. Simply getting a set of original wheels that may have come on a higher spec car will do the trick. Or if you already have half decent alloys that you’re happy with you could always get them refurbished.


Get the windows tinted

The majority of higher-spec model cars come with window tints as standard. Window tints are no longer only for footballers and rappers. A good set of window tints keep harmful UV rays out of your car’s interior. They will also help to keep your car cool in the summer. Not only that, but on the right car tinted windows will improve the look no end. Unless you know what you’re doing you should always consult a professional though or it will just look naff.





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