18 August 2022

Driven by Passion...
Taking your car on a road trip abroad

We all love to travel. That’s why almost 70% of us Brits pack out bags at least once a year and jet off abroad to various destinations across the globe. When we travel by plane, we often enjoy the destination far more than we do the journey, as the whole task of getting there can be extremely stressful – especially during peak times of the year.

If you’re looking for a way to bypass all of the queuing associated with flying and avoid being squashed like sardines on an aluminium coach with wings, then there are alternatives available to you. As long as you’re not jetting off to the other side of the world and you are able to travel at a more leisurely pace, then taking your trusty car on a road trip could be the perfect holiday for you.  Here are just some of the reasons why.


More Freedom

Unless you’re on a particularly tight schedule, then when travelling by road you have a lot more time on your hands. This means you can stop whenever you want for a rest or something to eat, or just explore a part of a country that you’ve never been to before. Not only does this make the journey form part of the holiday but it also makes the holiday more enjoyable overall.


It’s Cheaper

Although petrol prices are a lot higher than they used to be, you have to remember that cars are also a lot more efficient than they used to be. If you brim a tank on a diesel car, you can get more than half way down to Spain before you have to refuel. The cost of a plane ticket to somewhere in Europe can be astronomical, and this only goes up with the more people in your family. When you take the car, fuel will cost virtually the same amount whether there are just two of you, or you have a whole clan in the car. As a bonus, you can take as many of your home comforts with you as you wish – your only limitation is whether you can fit it in the car. Unlike air travel where you have to pay per kg of luggage.


It’s more Comfortable

As well as being considerably cheaper, travelling by car is a lot more comfortable than by plane. As long as you have plenty of room, which can easily be possible by hiring a bigger car for your trip, then you’re bound to have plenty of space for your luggage as well as your legs. If you really want the ultimate road experience then you can hire a campervan or mobile home, which is pretty much like a hotel on wheels.


Your Journey becomes part of your Holiday

It will take you longer to get to your destination, but at least when you drive you’re not just going from one airport to another. You will see far more of the country and you can make the journey to your destination into part of the holiday, stopping at your leisure on the way.


If you’ve never even considered the possibility of taking a road trip before, then now is the time to maybe give the idea some thought. The idea of a road trip to Europe is nowhere near as daunting as it used to be thanks to improved communications, sat navs, more reliable cars and competitive prices on ferries and trains. All of this can add up to a much more relaxing journey when compared to the alternative; overly inflated airline ticket prices, tiny seats with no legroom and annoying fellow passengers.


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