23 May 2022

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If you’re looking to sell your car, then are a number of ways in which this can be done. You don’t need to be an experienced salesman in order to sell a car. However it does help to learn a few things before making the sale, so that you don’t fall victim to any scams and the transaction completes as smoothly as possible. Thanks to the internet it’s never been easier to sell a car. Here are some extra tips:


Tidy it up

If you’re looking to get the most money possible for your car, then you need to show that it has been looked after. Your car would not give this impression if it was dirty and greasy. After all, if you hadn’t found the time to give it a wash for a perspective buyer, then what would make them thing that you had every bothered washing it at all? And if you haven’t washed it often, then why should a prospective buyer believe that you’ve taken the trouble to service and maintain it?

Giving your car a tidy up doesn’t take very long, and it’s easy to do. If you don’t want to do it yourself then you can always take it to your nearest carwash and get it cleaned inside and out for about £15. If there are any known mechanical issues on the car, then take it to the garage and get these problems sorted too. It may cost money now, but you’ll probably get it back when you sell the car, as with a clean and fully working car you’ll be able to negotiate a higher selling price.


Find out what it’s Worth

There’s no point just pulling a random figure out thin air when deciding how much to sell your car for. You need to find out what it’s actually worth. Browse car classified websites such as Auto Trader to find similar vehicles of similar age and similar mileage. If in doubt, call the owner and find out everything about the car, so you know that you have priced yours fairly, yet competitively.


Wait for the Right Buyer

One of the things that many people don’t do when selling their car, is wait for the right buyer. Many people find that selling a car is such a burden that they would usually happily sell to the first person who makes an offer. This is even the case if the offer is lower than the asking price. If you’re buying a car, you would naturally go to a few different sellers. So if you’re selling a car it only makes sense to try a few different buyers. The right one might come along and offer exactly what you’re looking for.


Don’t forget the Red Tape

When selling a car there are a number of important documents that have to be completed. Many of these are legal documents so there could be consequences for not doing this part properly. When preparing to sell your car, make sure you prepare a bill of sale. When the sale is complete and you have received the funds for the car, make sure you fill in the logbook in order to transfer the ownership to the buyer. You then send the completed log book to the DVLA, minus the green slip which the buyer keeps until he or she receives the new, updated logbook. Be sure to also provide the buyer with other documentation such as the car’s owner’s manual, the services history and certificate of MOT.



Only you know how much you want for your car. If you have a figure in mind, then do your best to negotiate in order to reach this figure. If someone gives you a much lower offer but won’t budge, then firmly but politely tell them no thanks, and  await the next potential buyer.

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