26 February 2024

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When it comes to buying a car there’s a lot to think about. Rushing the car-buying process or overlooking a certain part of it can lead you to making a decision that you ultimately regret. Here are some of the most common mistakes to consider, so that you can increase your chances of buying the right car – and for the best price.

Give yourself time to shop around

Some people rush the process of buying a car by pulling the trigger after the first test drive.  This eagerness can cause you to make a decision that you may regret in the longrun. If you allow yourself time to look at and test drive multiple vehicles, then you are securing yourself a better chance of finding the right car to suit your needs.

Quite often, those who rush in and buy a car tend to end up with something that is unreliable or unsuitable for their needs – and all because they didn’t spend the time to consider other options.


Check the reputation of the seller

As with anything, it’s important to check the reputation of the seller that you are considering buying a car from. When it comes to independent or private sellers, there’s no real way of gauging whether someone is trustworthy or not. This makes the whole car-buying process a lot more risky, and is the main reason that so many people choose to buy even used cars from dealers.

However it’s worth knowing that there are also some dodgy dealerships out there! So always take the time to check reviews online and ask friends or family whether they’ve had good experiences or not. It’s also a good sign if a dealer has all of the necessary background information and paperwork for a vehicle.


Negotiate on price

The majority of people out there who are selling a car are more than willing to negotiate the price. In fact, many people expect to negotiate, so don’t be too shy to haggle. Be upfront with your negotiations. Let the seller know how much your budget is and show enthusiasm if you like the car. Contrary to popular belief, being enthusiastic actually shows a seller that you seriously intend to buy the vehicle so they are more likely to drop the price for you.

If you want to buy from a dealer then you’re likely to find the best prices if you visit during the least busy times. For example, not on a Saturday or Sunday. Be prepared to walk away if you don’t get the deal you want, as in many cases it’s at the very last minute when dealers are willing to reduce the price in order to get their sale.


Don’t buy extras that you don’t want

Many dealerships will try and sell you extras with your vehicle – even if it is used. The extras included could be anything from extended warranties and service plans to dash cams or roof boxes. The chances are that these things have at least slightly inflated prices, so if you don’t feel that you need these extras make sure that you reject them.


Don’t forget the running costs

When you buy a car, don’t forget that the price you pay isn’t the only cost involved. There are many ongoing costs for a car that need to be considered. Some cars may guzzle fuel, while others may be extremely expensive to insure. Make sure you know what kind of commitment you are getting yourself into before signing on the dotted line. If you’re particularly savvy, then it’s well worth researching service, maintenance and parts costs to see how much you will have to spend further down the road.

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