26 February 2024

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Tesla Cybertruck

Interesting features of the Cybertruck

Tesla recently unveiled its newest project – the Cybertruck. The Cybertruck not only looks different to anything you’ve ever seen on the roads before, it is different. Similar to something you’d expect to see n Mars rather than Earth, the Cybertruck – although – not to everyone’s taste – is probably the only car in the last 20 years or so that has actually deviated considerably from 1968 in the design department. And while you were busy marvelling at how different or ugly it is, you may have missed the following features.


It’s available in any colour…

…as long as it’s stainless steel colour. Tesla have decided not to offer a range of colours for the Cybertruck, instead opting to lower its environmental impact by not painting it at all. For those who want a bit of colour, there is an option to wrap it in vinyl. As Tesla are currently so busy revolutionising the automotive industry, the lack of colour option will save them a lot fo time and money, which should be reflected in the OTR price.


It has a clever loading bed

For anyone who is considering buying a pickup truck and actually using it to carry something that wouldn’t otherwise fit in a bog-standard hatchback, the Cybertruck has a smart feature. As well as a loading bed that has no intrusion from the wheels, it will also feature lots of storage compartments and a slide-out loading ramp that will allow things to be wheeled up to the loading bed. There will also be the option to cover the bed with a garage-door style toneau cover.


It’s not bullet proof

But it is tough. During testing they fired a 9mm bullet at the shell and it did little more than dent it. However anything more powerful and it will probably penetrate. The windows are also toughened, but don’t buy one if you’re a drug lord as it probably won’t protect you.


It has a very long range

Tesla have predicted that the Cybertruck’s range will be around 500 miles, which is 35% more than the current Model S that is available. Unlike previous models, the Cybertruck will offer the option of a stacked battery pack, which means that you can literally stack two batteies on top of each other Each battery can provide around 250 miles in range, so this is where the 500 mile figure comes from.


It has a built in light bar

This means that if you actually use it offroad then it will be able to cope in all visibility conditions without the need for extra auxillary lights.


It can seat 6

One of the more unique features of the interior of the Cybertruck is the fact that it can seat 6. Like many older trucks it has a middle bench seat in the front which can seat an extra adult.


It has a digital mirror

Because of its unconventional shape there will indeed be a lot of blind spots in the Cybertruck. So a normal mirror just won’t cut it. This is where the digital mirror comes in. Instead of an actual mirrored peace of glass the truck will have a digital, camera -based rear-view mirror set up. This will stream footage in real time on a mirror-shapes screen.

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