26 February 2024

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Rediculous Car Body Kit

When you’re considering styling modifications for your car, it’s hard not to thing about those boy racer cars with the large bore exhausts and body kits that just don’t look right. Fortunately, there are ways to style your vehicle without making it look tacky and therefore devaluing it. Here is a list of classy modifications that will prevent your car from looking like something straight out of the ‘Pimp My Ride’ TV program.


Install Angel Eyes

If you’ve gone anywhere in the car recently, then the chances are that you’ve noticed a few pairs of headlights that look slightly different to the norm. These are known as ‘angel eyes’, and tend to shine brighter, are available in a wide range of different colours and give most cars more of a high-end look.

Just like with any headlight modifications in the UK, you need to ensure that they are pointing at the correct angle when you install them. If they’re not then not only will this deem your car illegal, but it could put your and other road user’s lives at risk. Don’t let this put you off though, as if you get it right it will enhance the appearance of your car.


Upgrade your Wheels

Refurbishing your wheels is often the answer if you’d like your car to look tidy again. However, if you’re trying to improve the look of your car, then renewing the wheels won’t really be enough. Upgrading them is far better for the appearance, and up to a certain extend the bigger the wheels the better. Why not try experimenting with different colour rims to really make your car stand out in the traffic jams?


Install Neon Lights inside

When we talk about neon lights, we don’t quite mean the ones that illuminate the ground on the outside of the car (although these seem to be making a re-appearance). There is a fairly new trend lately of installing neon lights on the interior of your car in order to enhance its appearance. These can be simply a replacement of the main interior light, or you can get different lights behind the dashboard, in the footwell or even down by the door sills.

There is a massive variety of different lights and colours available for virtually any car, and if you can’t decide on a colour then you can even get ones that change colour. The best thing about this modification is that not only does it look cool but it’s also very cheap.


Change the Front Seats

If you really think about it, the front seats in most standard cars are pretty ugly. Even in a fairly new car, the seat is often an eyesore through the windscreen of an otherwise beautifully designed piece of machinery. If you really want your car to look the part, then consider removing the existing seats and replacing them with some upgraded ones. Bucket seats tend to be the seat of choice at the moment, and some are even quite comfortable.

If you really want your car to look cool, then why not match the colour of your bucket seats to your neon lights?


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