24th February, 2020

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Car tyres are not cheap. Therefore in order to get the best value for money from your car’s newest set of boots, it’s important to extend their life as mush as possible. Here are a few tips that will enable you to do just that.

Replace your car’s tyres at the right time

Replacing your car’s tyres at the right time is important. Regardless of the amount of wear on your car’s tyres, it’s advisable to change them if they are over ten years old. This is because the rubbish will perish over time as it is exposed to oxygen in the air. It’s also important to regularly check your car’s tyres for cracks, tread wear, discoloration and other damage. If any of your tyres have any of these problems, then it’s probably time to replace them.

Ensure that the car is well maintained

Your tyres are attached to your car. So if your car is not well maintained, then the life of your tyres could be reduced. There may also be safety issues with your car. If your tyres are wearing unevenly then this is a sign that your wheels are misaligned or that there is a problem with the suspension, so it’s important to get these problems sorted as soon as possible. The tyres will wear out quickly on a misaligned car, and will need to be replaced more often so having mechanical problems fixed will save you money in the long run.

Understand the Tyre Code

Tyres have codes, and it’s important to understand what these codes mean so that you can be sure that you have the correct tyres on your car. As the driver, you are responsible for the maintenance of your car so it’s important to be able to check these things yourself. The code explains whether the tyre is suitable for passenger cars or good vehicles, as well as the tyre width, aspect ratio, radial construction and diameter of the wheel for which it will correctly fit. There is also information about the load carrying capacity of the tyre, speed rating and whether the tyre is suitable for mud or snowy conditions.

Complete set of Tyres

Although more expensive initially, it’s recommended to replace all four tyres at the same times. This is because the suspension technology on most modern cars works best with a matching set of tyres. Having four tyres from new at the same time will ensure that your tyres are always evenly worn – providing your car is free from any alignment defects.

Tyre Maintenance

It’s a good idea to check your tyres regularly to ensure that they are properly inflated. In addition to increasing the fuel efficiency of your car, properly pressurised tyres will also ensure their longevity.
When checking your car’s tyres, don’t forget to also check the condition of the tyre on the spare wheel. It’s no use having a spare taking up valuable boot space if the tyre is not going to be usable when you need it. Remember that even if your spare tyre has never been used, it’s a good idea to replace it after 10 years.


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