5 July 2022

Driven by Passion...
E-Type Jaguar Classic Car

Many car enthusiasts share one dream – to own a classic car. A recent study confirmed that the majority of motor heads admit that the first thing they would do if they won the lottery would be to walk into a Porsche dealership and pay cash for a 911. Buy why? Nowadays there are literally thousands of different cars on the market, and the majority of them have everything you need to get your self from A to B safely and in extreme comfort. But there are a few characteristics of a car that make it a classic, and here they are.



It goes without saying that when it comes to cars, appearance is everything. Although all cars have been designed by professional people with practicality, aesthetics and comfort in mind, some cars are simply considered to be absolutely beautiful to behold.

The Bugatti Veyron is considered one of the world’s most beautiful cars. It’s curved edges and overall shape resemble a bull, and it’s quite possible that its looks will never fade. The fact that it can achieve 261mph and costs over a million pounds also add to the appeal of this car.



Some cars are instant classics, even when brand new. However the majority of classic cars – like most things – get better with age. This is because seeing them on the road of driving them after a few years (if you’re fortunate enough) rekindles fond memories of the past, which is what being a classic is all about.



Cars such as the Ferrari F40 are classics, but owning one to the majority of people will be nothing but a dream. A real classic car is one that is just as happy having a poodle down to the local Tesco as it is chewing up the apex on the track. You can get insured on a real classic for less than four figures annually. A classic car won’t necessary need filling up after every 100 miles of driving. Although classic cars can be exotic, a true classic still oozes practicality.



Although it’s not great for our budgets, us car enthusiast can’t resist a car that is slightly out of our price range. This is because owning a classic car is a dream, or a goal to try and reach in the future. If you can afford a classic when you’ve just turned 17 then you haven’t really had anything to aim for or experienced the thrill of the chase. When it comes to owning a classic car, it shouldn;’t be easy for anyone to achieve, because the more money you have the more you want to spend on that beautiful machine.



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