26 February 2024

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When it comes to driving there’s no shortage of experts – especially if you’re to believe anyone commenting on the internet.  As a result myths about driving have been born over the years, and a lot of people who blindly follow others have started to believe them. Here are five common myths that we’ve debunked surrounding cars, driving and insurance.


Myth: Red cars are more expensive to insure

Probably one of the most common myths surrounding car insurance, you’re bound to have heard this one before. It is thought that red cars look sportier, and therefore attract a particular type of (bad) driver. However nothing could be less true. Car insurance companies will not consider the colour of a car when calculating the cost for insurance.

The type and model of the car, as well as your own driving history, age and credit rating are all far more aspects to consider for insurers. The next time you insure your car you may notice that in many cases they don’t even ask for the colour of your car. So feel free to buy the car of your dreams knowing that the colour won’t be increasing your insurance premium!


Myth: Seatbelts and airbags are more dangerous than not

For some reason there has been a myth circulating for many years that wearing a seatbelt can be more dangerous than not wearing one. According to research, wearing your seatbelt will reduce the risk of both death and serious injury by around 45% – which shows that they’re essential for keeping us safe when we drive. When it comes to safety equipment in cars, seatbelts are by far the most valuable in terms of preventing loss of life.

Airbags are also beneficial, saving far more lives than they endanger. Although there are some cases of airbag-related injuries these do not by any means outweigh their positive safety impact.


Myth: Driving barefoot is illegal

Contrary to popular belief it is not illegal to drive barefoot or in flip flops. However it is very important to wear suitable shoes when behind the wheel. This is because not wearing shoes does not provide you with the right amount of braking force needed to properly control the car, which is vital in emergency situations. So just because driving barefoot or in flip flops isn’t illegal, that doesn’t make it a good idea.


Myth: Finance is only an option for people with a high credit score

It is estimated that 80% of new cars purchased in the UK are financed in some way. Therefore it’s simply untrue that only those with a high credit score are accepted for loans to buy them. Of course here are certain car loan providers who will not accept people with a poor credit history, but this isn’t a general rule across the board.

If you look online you’ll find that there’s no shortage of brokers and finance providers that offer finance to those with bad credit. So even if you haven’t got the best credit rating you can still get behind the wheel of a shiny new car. Such lenders and brokers often access the eligibility of the finance applicant based on how they manage their money and individual circumstances, taking many factors into account before coming to their decision.


Myth: It is illegal to drive round a roundabout more than three times

There is absolutely no evidence to support that it is illegal to circle a roundabout more than three times. Although you could argue that this would be careless driving as you are supposed to plan your exit before you enter a roundabout. It is however illegal to drive over a mini roundabout, which many people do on a regular basis.

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