26 February 2024

Driven by Passion...

This article was originally going to be called “Taking your Car abroad after Brexit”, but due to the goal posts being moved time and time it looks as though Brexit isn’t in sight for quite some time. So we can’t bring you the original article yet, however we can inform you that it is still just as easy to take your car to the continent, as it has been for a number of years.

Our recent trip to France meant that we had to prepare for driving in Europe and so we got our EU roadside kit out of the shed and put it into the car boot.

There was no difference at all when it came to booking our ferry. In fact the whole process was easier than I remember it last time we travelled to Germany a couple of years ago. Unlike booking flights, booking a ferry is quicker and much less hassle. All you really need is your car registration information and the names of all of the occupants. You don’t have to worry about luggage allowance, extra fees or finding your passport number when you book.

It does still take a good 90 minutes to cross the channel on a ferry, so bear that in mind if time is of the essence. The Channel Tunnel may be more suitable for you if this is the case. For our leisurely drive though, we drove on board the ferry, turned off the alarm and locked the car for the journey ahead. Despite travelling during a school holiday is was surprisingly quiet on board, so it seems that not many people are travelling abroad at the moment.

There isn’t that much to do on the Dover to Calais ferry, however 90 minutes does pass surprisingly quick if you sit down and have something to eat or drink. Before we knew it, it was time to return to our cars. Shortly afterwards we went through passport control and then we were free to roam in France.

So although a few things may change when or if Brexit does happen, at the moment we can report that it is pretty much business as usual -so there’s no need to hesitate if you’re wanting to drive to Europe this summer.


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